About The Artist

I have something I like to call paralysis by analysis. It's when I over think something so much I end up doing nothing. My solution to that is; doing more. That's when this idea came about.

I do everything I can to challenge myself daily and explore new horizons within my ideas, life & relationships. As an analytical thinker this store will only get better & better because I am studying what my audience is looking for. Everyone has a unique view on life. This is mine.


Abraham Llefi    


Color Expert

As a designer I study the way things look on print & on screen. I look for tones and things I can improve upon. Thinking always progressively & being as prepared as I can be for any type of project.  


 My photography style is not uncommon. I point I shoot, but I go beyond that, to make the picture look as impressively beautiful as I can. I believe my real value is in my editing skills when it comes to understanding color.  As a graphic designer understanding what will work for the canvas I work within. 

Success is not final, Failure is not fatal;
— Winston Churchill