Abraham Llefi

Abraham Llefi

Creative Director


Design is Communication.

Design is Value.


Social Media Manager.

Branding Consultant.




Working in the design business for a few years now, though for the last months, I’ve had the opportunity to focus on my dream full time.  

Llefi.com, my new company was created with the idea that one day I would change the world as time goes on, I’ve realized I get the opportunity to do a little bit of that every day. 

I create seamless digital & physical works of photography/designs/products/brands. These new experiences subconsciously align people with a new way of thinking. Communicating the vision that as we improve ourselves as individuals, we will improve as a collective. 

I specialize in design that helps business thrive in todays marketplace with data driven results. Design is an art. But it is also communication. 

Let me know if you know anyone that might use my services have them reach out to me. I am here to help.