Collection I

 Long Beach 2017

Long Beach 2017

This is where it begins. 

I am a creative soul with a passion for what I do. Not knowing what I wanted to do was always hard for me. Making this store has been more about the journey, then it has been about the actual store itself. As a new company showing my talent is crucial for potential clients to see my capabilities & real world vision. 

Build from the ground up with hard work and dedication this store only took me about 3 working days. The mock ups took the longest, but sheer showing it can be done quickly is essential to small businesses owners.  I want to do more of this. Allot more. I want to show business owners they can trust in my speed & ability to create. It goes with everything, the more you do it the better you get. This is my starting point. The vision I have for my self growth is this store. Its an icon in my imagination and a beacon of hope for my future. 

An Idea that spiraled into the website you see today. 

This is Collection I - The start. 

Abraham Llefi - Visionary - Artist - Entrepreneur

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